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Mac Trailers

MAC Trailers

As a manufacturer, MAC Trailer recognizes the complexity of today’s ever changing market and the necessity to make you more competitive with advanced design trailers that provide operational benefits; or incorporate alternative components-materials that will improve fuel economies, maximize performance, reduce maintenance costs, increase payloads, generate greater profits, protect your investment and focus on safety.

MAC Series Dump Trailers

MAC Dump Trailer
MAC Dump Trailer

The MAC series of Dump Trailers and Straight bodies offer four design configurations. We offer frameless and frame type trailers that are engineered and manufactured to meet your rigorous hauling demands. Whether you are hauling, rock, sand, gravel, asphalt, scrap, salt, construction materials, agricultural products and everything else in between, MAC stands ready to be tested!

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MAC Series Flatbed Trailers

MAC Flatbed Trailer
MAC Flatbed Trailer

From tandem flatbeds, to multi-axles, to B & A-train combinations, to single drop decks, the Road Warrior or to our latest addition the MLP-6 and MLP-8 Flatbed, the MAC aluminum flatbeds have earned their stripes through a reputation for being a trailer of structural strength appealing to a spectrum of transporters. Our 200,000 square foot facility located in Salem, Ohio, with state of the art manufacturing capabilities, has already exceeded expectations and is currently being applauded by the market as a leader in platforms.

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MAC Series Pneumatic Tank Trailers

MAC Pneumatic Tank Trailer
MAC Pneumatic Tank Trailer

Everyone is looking for a competitive edge. The MAC Pneumatic design, in conjunction with state of the art components, delivers that edge in the form of increased fuel economy, ergonomic controls, shorter unloading times and low maintenance operation. Let the MAC team build your competitive edge.

Whether your dry bulk transporting involves cement or sand, plastic pellets, flour, sugar, feed or ash, MAC offers a size compatible to your haul and piping-discharge to meet your requirements. Should you require a tandem or multi-axle configuration, for Canada or permitted loads, let the MAC team build your competitive edge.

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MAC Series Transfer Trailers

MAC Transfer Trailer
MAC Transfer Trailer

MAC Trailer has become recognized as the nation’s foremost leader in the manufacturing of tipper and moving floor transfer trailers. Simply, MAC knows the transfer industry and knows the importance of constructing a trailer that will withstand the most demanding of conditions, rigors and abrasive operations associated with the loading and unloading of mass volume and heavy bulk materials from waste, to wood, to agricultural, to recyclables, to scrap.

That is why fleets, operators and transport companies turn to MAC, they know they can rely on the structural integrity, durability and dependability that is designed, engineered and built into the top rails, the rear gates, hinges, bumpers and rear pockets of all MAC trailers.

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MAC Smooth Side Straight Truck Bodies

MAC Smooth Side Straight Truck Body
MAC Smooth Side Straight Truck Body

The MAC smooth sided straight truck incorporates the unique technology of “MACLOCK™”, a distinctive structural snap together side panel that represents the alliance of innovation, engineering and construction. Available with inset and outset extruded panel options that are light weight for optimal profit and performance.

The aerodynamic and narrow width dimension of the hollow core 6061-T6 aluminum panels with vertical or horizontal panels, have proven to enhance fuel economy while at the same time allowing you to gain additional cubic yardage for greater payloads and increased profits. With varying thicknesses of the panel’s interior wall side, the hollow extrusions are strategically placed based upon application and weight considerations prior to being welded on the inside joint of the panels.

Unique to MAC, the exterior joint remains weld free and the double wall hides interior impact marks from the exterior side of the trailer to ensure the surface provides a clean, smooth billboard look for your logo and imaging. Our options can be endless to insure we achieve the payload requirements and enhance your operation profitability.

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MAC Series Liquid Tank Trailers

MAC Liquid Trailer
    • In the same tradition that earned MAC Trailer the reputation and respect as the nation’s foremost manufacturer of specialty dump, flatbed and transfer trailers, the Company now brings to you the pneumatic tank trailer.
    • Experience the MAC LTT superior performance of our custom built vacuum tank trailers, that will meet, and exceed your expectations.
    • MAC LTT’s unrivaled engineering standards coupled with our strong customer relationship will produce a custom trailer that meets all of your company’s petroleum transportation needs.
    • MAC Liquid Tank Trailers are custom built to transport various hot products for your specific needs. Rest assured that when you go with MAC, our trailers endure a rigorous quality inspection to ensure endurance and safety!
    • Nothing on the market today compares to MAC Liquid Tank Trailers deep drop trailers. When it comes to transporting fertilizer, and other highly viscous materials, MAC Liquid Tank Trailers are proven.
    • Come get tanked with MAC LTT’s full line of premium crude oil tank trailers. Our crude tanks will not only thrive in the harshest of environments, but also turn a few heads while doing so.
    • When you need to transport hazardous chemicals, you can trust MAC LTT to provide your company with a safe top of the line tank trailer
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